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Privacy Policy

Keep in mind Extreme Leather is the brand you can trust for a reliable shopping experience! We consider the privacy of our valued customers like ours, with impactful privacy policies. These policies are not only making the shopping experience of our customers best, also providing guidelines that secure your shopping with binding relations of trust, respect, and loyalty between the customers and us. With the help of these policy points, you will get the answers to your many FAQs and make it clear to you that your safety is our first priority.

What Information Do We Need?

Some information we collect from when you place an order or register to the website. Otherwise, you can roam and check the products of the website anonymously. The information includes your name, email address, contact number, a destination to deliver your product, and postal address, required for the confirmation of the order.

What Do We Do With the Collected Information?

The required information used for the shipment procedure is also shared with the courier company like your address and phone number. And we used your feedback to build the better quality of our products and customer service. However, without your consent, we may provide necessary information to the courier department to ship you the product you have purchased; these include just your mailing address and your phone numbers.

Do We Save The Financial Information?

The financial information you give, when you make payments for the order, you pay via PayPal, and the information doesn’t come to us in any way. We don't keep or save any financial information of our customers. Because these are totally your personal property! We only have certain information i.e mailing address, email, and preferences to help you retrieve your ordering history and your purchase details via our specific authorized systems.

Do Your Information Share With a Third Person?

No, we don't share your information, whether it's an email address, mailing address, credit card numbers, or any other personal information. Although, some information is deleted by our server automatically after completing the shipment procedure. We ensure not any kind of details are shared, rented, or sold to a third party, the privacy of the customers is our first priority!

Where Do These Policies Apply?

The policies application is due on all the information we collect from you online on our website. The offline information collection doesn’t lie under this policy.

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