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The satisfaction of our customers has valued for us but sometimes it happened that our customers were not satisfied with the size In this case, Extreme Leather cooperate with their valuable customers regarding the return and exchange policy but according to the guidelines that are listed below:


Return and exchange are possible without any trouble within 30 days just after the jacket is received by the customer. And after this given time period the company is not responsible for any error or other problem.


The cancellation of the order should be made in just 24 hours after placing an order. Whereas the cancellation that made after 24 hours or another time period, some conditions will be applicable that are listed below:

1.    Order cancellation after 24 hours will result in a 30% direct deduction from your paid amount.

2.    Order cancellation before 3 days of shipping will result in a 50% direct deduction from your paid amount.

3.    No cancellation will happen after the 3 days of order confirmation.


If there is any issue regarding the measurements of size then the change will be made within just 24 hours. After this period, there are more extra charges. No size changing will be taken in action after 3 days of placing order.


If the client wishes to exchange the product with another size so we offer them the new size free of cost then they just have to pay the shipping costs. And the product that they want to exchange should be in its original condition like the tag present on the collar should not be damaged. For the Exchange process simply send us the picture of your attire by highlighting the issues that you faced all this must happen within a week.

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