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Yellowstone S05 Luke Grimes Jacket

Yellowstone S05 Luke Grimes Jacket
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Yellowstone S05 Luke Grimes Jacket

Luke Grimes Yellowstone Season 5 Kayce Dutton Brown Jacket

Kayce Dutton is another leading character of the Yellowstone series! He is a former US Navy SEAL and John and Evelyn's younger son. The role is perfectly played by an American actor Luke Grimes while wearing Yellowstone S05 Luke Grimes Jacket. Now available here at an amazing discounted price!

Kayce Dutton Jacket is a beautiful combination of light and dark shades of brown color, manufactured by using suede leather material for the outer side. As seen in the picture, there are two pockets on the outer waist side for your ease. The collar of the Brown Leather Jacket is designed in a shirt style from the shearling material, which seems ideal for keeping your neck area warm. It will be put on or off with the help of a button fastening closing present on the frontage. After all these, the internal side specifications of the Luke Grimes Jacket include two stitched pockets with a finely embedded shearling fabric lining for keeping you warm and comfortable.

Product Specifications:

  • Suede Leather Material
  • Inner Viscose Lining
  • Front Button Closure
  • Shearling Fur Collar
  • Button Cuffs
  • Waist And Inner Pockets
  • Brown Color


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